There may only be one account per player. If you have forgotten your password we can help change it for you. If necessary, we will create you a new account. 


New accounts under these circumstances do not qualify for new player bonuses. For special promotions and bonuses please ask any representative, or check out our Promotions page of our website or tune into our Facebook or Instagram pages and groups for the most up to date promotions.


Any player found creating a second account for the purposes of new player bonuses may get the account blocked and all credits cleared.


New accounts may be requested in the event we offer other gaming platforms. There will be different promotions for each gaming platforms.

In order to receive the current referral bonus, the new player must have never before own an account with Cash Coin Cafe on a particular platform. 

In addition, they must meet the minimum donation requirement of $20 to receive the $5 bonus in credits (your choice of Practice or Skill credits). The $5 Skill credit is subjected to our Redeem Rules.

All promotions are handed out accordingly and may be cancelled at any given time with or without notice. In the event we find out promotions were wrongfully given out, they may be taken away immediately with or without notice.


All promotional credits are subject to Redeem Rules and only given out as Skill Credits.

Occasionally, sweepstakes will be announced through our social media, both Facebook and Instagram. It is open to all followers who have an active account with at least one deposit in the past month of the sweepstake date.


Prizes and or credits won through the sweepstakes must be claimed within 5 business days of the announcement.


Sweepstake credits in the form of skill credits are subjected to Redeem Rules.

Free Play Credits are given on a case by case basis. They may be given out as either Practice or Skill credit. The following rules here apply only to skill credits.


Free Play Credits may be given out as a goodwill gesture to help resolve customer issues or other issues within our control (this does not include technical difficulties or glitches).


Sometimes free play credits are given to new players to test our gaming platforms and other times will be given as part of a sweepstake or promotion.


Bonuses and Promotional credits are not subjected to the Free Play Rules, just Redeem Rules. Free plays in most cases will have some limits as described below unless otherwise stated by your personal agent:


1. Free play credits may not qualify for redeems above 7 times the free play amount and any credits earned from free play credits above the stated amount will be cleared when processing them. Your original deposits would not be touched. This will be determined from using your game log.


2. The minimum amount to redeem any free play credit is 3 times the given free play amount.

Practice Credit accounts are not shared with a Skill Credit Account. You will have a different personal agent for each account and the personal agent do not have access to the opposing accounts. They follow strict guidelines to the specific accounts.


There are no promotions for Practice Credit accounts, however will qualify for Free Play and their own sweepstakes.


For more information on Practice Credits, please check out our Prizes page on our Website. It may change at any given time with or without notice, and prize value would change accordingly.

Skill Credits have no association with Practice Credits. Each have their own rules, guidelines, and operate on separate accounts by different agents.


Minimum donations are $5 with no maximum on donations. Credits will be applied accordingly.


Credits may only be given when it is confirmed on our end. We accept screenshots as proof at our discretion and or upper management approval, if available to do so. We have the right to wait 1-2 business as needed to see through the process. 


If a second donation is sent, the first one may be returned by request.


Bonuses and Promotions will be automatically applied to donations that meet all of the requirements.


Future tournaments will be open to all players including Practice and Skill Credit accounts.



For Practice Credits, prizes will be issued in exchange for full practice credit that are successfully cleared. Prizes are subjected to various shipping time and supplied with a tracking number. Your patience is much appreciated.


Other Rewards


For Skilled Credits, your minimum redeem is 2 times your most recent donation (Promotions and Bonuses included).


The maximum redeem is always 7 times your most recent donation or 3 times the total of all of your donations in the most recent 24 hours (whichever amount is greater). Any excess amount after that would be cleared and new redeem amount would be reset.


Redeem request can be made any time, however priority is given during the hours of 9am to midnight PST.


To ensure smooth flow of our accounts and large swings, redeems are limited to 1 per 24 hours and maximum daily limit of $500.


There could be exceptions made for customers who will accept redeems in the form of bitcoin. Another exception to the daily limit is for players winnings exceeding their 7x rule of their most recent donation is to allow the clearing of all their current credits immediately to process the lastest redeem anywhere between 1 to 4 payments based on the size of their winning.


While most redeems are given immediately, there may be be delays up to 30 minutes. In cases where we suffer technical issues, please allow 24 to 48 hours.

All prizes redeemed through Cash Coin Cafe will be shipped to the address you provided at the time of order.


Estimated shipping time may vary depending on the choice of prize and shipping method. Upon submission of the order, you should receive an email confirmation.


When the item is shipped out, you should receive a tracking number. If you do not receive a tracking number, please reach out to our customer support.


Do not contact your agent, they are only responsible for supplying you credits to play with and accepting donations.


If there are any delays with your item, please allow a maximum of 7 business days after the estimated time of delivery. This time allow for the order to arrive before a case can be open to quickly resolve the matter at hand.

Tournament rules will be given on the day of game announcements. Rules are subject to change.

Please ask any of our agents or customer support representatives for rules as needed.