This is where you will find our recurring promotions*** that rewards new players for joining, as well as those who come back often. We also recognize and show our appreciation to those that have contribute to our company and the ones that remain loyal. In addition, players will have up to 10 chances to win various rewards at the end of each month. Don’t forget to tune in on our social media pages and groups to keep up, especially with holiday promotions!

New Player Bonus

One time 40%* BONUS (Max $200 bonus) on your first donation and applies to new Cash Coin Cafe players only.

Referral Bonus

$5* BONUS to your account upon referring a new player to Cash Coin Cafe who has successfully made at least $20 donation. Unlimited referrals. Highest referral count will get an additional reward at the end of the month.

Free Play Survey

Please contact our customer support for the latest questionnaire. This promotion is limited to one participant per survey. Upon completion, participant will earn $5** Free Play.

Monday Mania

Range from 1% to 31%* (Max $75 bonus per day) depending on the date of the Monday. Every passing Monday BONUSES on donations increase by 7% each week and resets after the end of each month cycle.

Friday Payday

The average American taxpayer gets a 15% income tax deducted from their payroll. Well Paydays are your time to get back that 15%* in BONUS credits (Max $75 bonus per day).

VIP Special

10%* BONUS anytime on donations of $200 minimum (Max $100 bonus a day).

Cashapp special

100% match on a donation of $5 or $10** from a new Cashapp account created using one of our invitation referral code. Message our customer service representative and let them know you are interested in using our code. Cash app will award you $5 as well when you send your first $5 after signing up. Be sure to use a new email, number, and debit card with Cashapp to qualify.

Loyalty Rewards

At the end of each month, we will pick the first 3 random players who have made at least 5 donations within the current month and reward you back with $25* BONUS as a token of appreciation for your loyalty as a returning customer.

Weekly sweepstake

Every Sunday, a complete random player will be chosen at random. To qualify you must have made at least 1 deposit in the past month and claim your reward within 5 business days. Bonuses will be awarded in your account so please stay tune in our social media to see the weekly winners.

Most Donation Award

At the end of each month, the player with the most donations for the month will earn this reward for another chance to hit big. Best of luck!

Biggest DONATION Award

At the end of each month, the player who holds the single donation takes the prize!

Most Referral Award

At the end of each month, the player who has shared the fun with the most amount of players will take this trophy!

*These Promotions are given in the form of Skill Credit and are subjected to our Redeem Rules, see our Rules page for more detail.

**These Promotions are given in the form of either Skill or Practice Credits. These Skill Credits are subjected to our Free Play Rules.

***All promotions with time restrictions will be based of CST and are applicable to US customers only.

****Awards are limited to 1 player per month. In the case of a player winning both rewards, the second place winner takes the bonus. Bonuses cannot be combined, players can choose higher of the two.