Currently, if you find yourself stuck in this situation, you will have to reach out to your personal agent and request them to create you a new password.


Please be sure to save it this time or have it memorized. We can change it anytime, but this can only be done by your agent. The agent will never have access to your password, they only can help create it.

Our promotion page on our website will have at the very least our main promotions which should be our active promotions.


For the latest promotions, please join our social media accounts such as our Instagram and Facebook. This is where you will find last minute updates along with any rule changes, new promotions, and keep up with sweepstakes or tournament events.

VPower777 is the official gaming platform that is used my many vendors and agents. Cash Coin Cafe is an official and direct vendor of VPower777 and supply many accounts to numerous agents.


Please do not be fooled by anyone else claiming to be us or in direct affiliation with VPower777 or claiming to be a VPower representative. VPower reaches consumers through the distribution line of vendors. There may be many agents under each vendor, and you would be subjected to the rules and terms of each independent agent.


Please do not believe anyone claiming to be part of Cash Coin Cafe unless you were contacted through one of our linked social media accounts/number/other apps from our website or through our email domain.


We are not responsible for any credit issues with agents or anyone else claiming to be us so please only be in contact with us directly to receive support.

There is absolutely no limit to the amount of players you refer to us. The more players, the merrier!


Each new player must meet the requirement and deposit the minimum in order for you to receive your bonus.


The bonus will be applied to your player account, and subjected to the Redeem Rules unless you have chosen to receive the credit as Practice Credit. To learn more about the New Player Referral Bonus Program, please refer to our Rules page.

Currently we only accept donations through Cashapp and Zelle.

Most players love the gaming entertainment and want to extract more value for their donations. In their Practice accounts they would get as much as 4 times more credit per donation. This is not redeemable for cash rewards, however can be used for various prizes in our Prizes page.


This allow each user more practice to learn new games and themes, practice various techniques, and hone their skills for much less while potentially winning great prizes and gifts.


Practice accounts do not qualify for promotions, but can join tournaments and sweepstakes.


In Skill accounts, players qualify to receive credits accordingly to their donation size and any bonuses and promotions that may be active.

Sweepstake winners must claim their winnings through our social media accounts. Winners must meet basic requirements such as having made at least one donation in the past 3 months and claim their reward with 5 business day. They also must be a follower.

Free Play Credits do not expire. The only way you can lose them is if you were banned or block from our platform or social media. Please be respectful of our agents, other players, and other followers on our social media accounts.


Free Play Credits are however subjected to their own rules as explained in the Free Play Rules of our website. You may ask our agent if you have more questions beyond what is in our Rules page.

This helps us maintain fair and steady redeems to all of our players and stabilize many of the accounts that are subjected to limitations and prevent large swings.


Redeem rules are not always set in stone, but are there to provide guidelines for our agents to protect them and keep them in business.

Please check your tracking number again for the most accurate information on the package.


If there is something wrong about the tracking number, please reach out to any one of our customer support representative and they will look into it for you. 


If it has been more than 7 business days after the estimated time of delivery, our agent may elect to reorder another item or issue you back the credits accordingly. The choice is left at the discretion of the representative assisting in your case.

Due to the nature of our games, we do require participants to be over 21 years of age. We will only accept donations from customers meeting the age requirement.